June in the fields

James Forest and Mélissa Brouillette shape together June in the fields. A prodigious guitarist, texts with such truth that makes one's blood run cold and one of the most charming feminine voices. The duo offers you a folk-full-feeling. A show sensitive and intuitive, where two voices and one guitar harmonize in simplicity to become one. 

 (c) Michel Berard

(c) Michel Berard


From the earliest years of his music-filled life in Quebec, through guitars in particular, James Forest has cultivated his art, later feeding it with travel, foreign landscapes and a search for artistic and personal freedom.

All these experiences forged him into a talented, unique and intriguing musician. At the age of 25, he has already travelled all over the world, lived in the mountains of India and Pakistan, and spent extended periods in Europe. His ability to fluently speak French and English, as well as German, have contributed to his specific influences and style of play.

Whether he is performing alone, in a duo (June in the Fields), with a band (East Road), or recording musical projects (Electric Barn), James is always sincere and passionate.

He has composed a life for himself where melodies rock a day-to-day dedicated to the creation of music, where there is always space for the musician in him to grow. Though his guitar-playing skill is at the top of his art, he is an even more accomplished pianist.

By tuning and detuning guitars in his search for sound, in fanning the spirit by contemplating the wonder of the world surrounding him, and finding in words the roots of innumerable new songs, James Forest has something to share! And he does so with love and generosity. 



Mélissa Brouillette’s interest in music began at the age of 8 when she became a member of the choir at the "Petits Chanteurs de la Maîtrise du Cap".  She discovered her passion for singing, and from that moment on realized that singing would hold a very important place in her life.

Endowed with a natural gift for music, Mélissa Brouillette wanted to constantly develop her musical abilities, which influenced her decision to pursue her studies in music at the Academy les Estacades. She took advantage of these years of Secondary School Education to learn the oboe, diversify her taste in music and participate in numerous competitions. Winning the title of “Découvertes de la Chanson” of Magog was an even greater incentive for Mélissa to continue her musical career.

Where would her musical passion lead her next? Upon entering college in Drummondville, majoring in song, Mélissa finds many open doors. Whether it be through the Vocal Jazz Ensembles, Triaz or Vocalys, she has a special way of connecting with her audience.  Such a pure and clear voice is hard to resist!